#200 Irma Pellegrini (1)

Irma Pellegrini (http://www.irmapellegrini.com/),一位出身於阿根廷旅居倫敦的木雕工作者,我是在迪化街155號看展時認識,她十分健談與友善。

那天跟她聊了許久之後,她很高興地讓我替她留下幾張照片,我挑了兩張放在這裡,這照片的感覺就是我當時感受到的 Irma,希望她會喜歡。

Irma 也是我 facebook 專頁第100個朋友,所以我特別挑選她的照片作為第200與201張。

She is from Argentina and live in London now. I met her when I went to the exhibition at DiHwa St.155,she is willing to share her mind with me and very friendly.

She is happy that I can take picture for her. And I select two as you can see. Those photos are what I felt about Irma. I wish she like.

Irma is the 100th friends for my facebook page as well, so I choose her photos as my 200th and 201th for my blog.

Irma Pellegrini @ Taipei